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Digital Business Development Consulting

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Our consulting services are specifically designed towards getting our clients results. It is important that you first understand your goals before choosing a consulting service. Book a strategy consultation and we will assess what services will best fit your needs.

Consulting Services

Digital Business Development

Developing your overall strategy/plan. This is often more for small to medium sized businesses as they are looking to grow and are unsure of how to effectively scale.

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Web Development

verything website related. Websites, landing pages, sales funnels, E-Commerce stores and more. Find out what platform or website type will best suit your business, products or services.

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Stop guessing and take your blind fold off and get a strategic and technical blueprint on how to dominate the search engines. Free SEO and PPC keyword report when you book a strategy session.

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Social Media Marketing

Get direct guidance for all of your social media marketing needs. Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Pinterest, Linked In and Twitter. Post more than just meme’s, build yourself a following that actually wants to connect with you.

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World Class Copywriting

Write content that sells. Learning how to write copy is one of the most valuable skills you can aquire period. Have your sales copy written by one of the best and get a copywriting template for your product.

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Email Marketing

We will help you build your very own email campaign to nurture your leads and prospects. Make your customers feel like you know them personally and build trust so they come to you for help and not the other way around.

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Understanding Your Goals

We provide two types of consulting:
  • Strategic (what, why and when)
  • Technical (who and how)

If you are unsure whether you require strategic or technical consulting then schedule a call. We often find that clients are not exactly sure what they need help with as what they are wanting to fix is the symptoms and not the cause. We are here to help guide you and make sure that the money you spend on your business will actually get you results.

Consulting is B***s***

The biggest problem with consulting is usually that a consultant will blab on about how many things you are doing wrong and how much they know about this and that. You pay the invoice and bam done you leave with less money in your pocket and nothing to show for.

Our Consulting Actually Works

We are not going to sugarcoat things but we will also not point out everything that we think you are doing wrong. Every business has its flaws or things it can work on, trust us we have our flaws. What we will do is focus on the most important issues that will actually move the needle.

Say hello to homework

Once we have mapped out a plan we will begin working on achieving these tasks/goals. Giving you homework to do outside of our calls. As there is no point in paying us $175 per hour to teach you how to check your emails or how to post something on Facebook. You will be held accountable for the tasks and we will send you reminders and deadlines.

Worth Every Cent (Check this out)

When we onboard you onto our project management software and post all of your tasks on there you will receive email notifications and a login. Mobile app available to manage on the go. This way our time is spent on tasks that will actually get you results.

Our 180 Money Back Guarantee

We offer a full refund on all of our services after 180 days. This is because nothing that is worth it in the long run will get you results instantly. In saying this our aim is to get you results as soon as possible and want you to increase your spendings with us. It’s a win win. You make money, we make money. Our terms are that all the tasks set out to you must be completed and if they are not then that will not make you eligible for a refund.

Get Paid

After completing all your tasks and projects we will pay you $50. This is because we want to see you succeed in both your personal and business life.

Long-Term Relationship

If you need a quick hand that is fine we will help you. But what we are more interested in building a relationship that will last for the entirety of your business and your future businesses. We only work with a select few clients and this is because we only want to work with people we like to work with. If we don’t believe in your product we won’t work with you. This is only fair as we will be limited in our abilities if we can’t passionately and enthusiastically go to work. It’s not fair on you as you could be paying someone else who is passionate about it.