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Why You Need PPC

PPC is on our top lisT of most import traffic sources available to date. Why?

SEO has one downfall and that is urgency. You can usually expect that you will not see near any results for at least a few weeks. Meaning that if you are in need of getting a few customers through the door then you will want to run some PPC ads to help keep your cash flow going or to expand and grow.
For this reason we recommend a good mix between organic and paid traffic putting you in a position where you are not reliant on one source of traffic. All too often we see business owners focus on just one which works great for a while but as that traffic starts to dry up they very quickly come running back panicking scrambling to find customers. Here we will give you an example of the number one mistake we see clients make when running PPC ads, this mistake is costly.You can create a Google ad in just a few minutes you can be right in front of your target audience on Google.

Targeted keywords such as if you are a dentist in Brisbane:
  • Dentist in brisbane
  • Dentist near me
  • Recommended dentists in south brisbane

Here is where your market/keyword research is super important as if you don’t you can end up spending thousands on ads that are showing to the wrong people. Here is an example of an unsuccessful and successful ad campaign

Example 1 – Unsuccessful

Business: Pet store (local store)
Location: Freemantle

Products and services: Pet toys, food and grooming Target keywords searched in Google

  • Dogs
  • Cats toys
  • Cats
  • Toys
  • Grooming
  • Store

Key takeaway: Because the store is a local business and does not service online by delivering these products they might end up getting traffic but if the traffic they are getting is coming from other side of the country on even city. Most visitors will not travel that far just to go and get a few toys for their pets.

Example 2 – Successful

Business: Pet store (local store)
Location: Freemantle

Products and services: Pet toys, food and grooming Target keywords searched in Google

  • Pet store near me
  • Pet shop near me
  • Pet supplies near me
  • Pog toys in freemantle
  • Dog grooming service in freemantle
  • Pet store in freemantle

Key takeaway: Here the target keywords are directed at local search terms. The keywords best match what the person is searching for. This means that if someone was to click on the ad they will most likely be near enough to the store depending on the radius or location these ads are placed.

Keyword Research

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Have a look at what your competitors are doing and see what is getting them results and what keywords are not. You will often be surprised to find that the keywords you think might be getting you quality traffic end up doing the complete opposite.

Why Google PPC?

Using other search engine advertising is a good idea, what we recommend is to research first and then test and analyse. Google search makes up for nearly all the searches done world wide so most of the traffic is going to live there. Think for yourself, when was the last time that you searched something on Google. Better yet, you might have found this page through Google so you can see how important it is to take advantage of this traffic.

Should you manage your own PPC campaigns or get help

We recommend not to and we will explain why. The tools we use cost on average $200-$700 per month such as SEMRush, Optmyzr, etc. These tools are an absolute must as if you are not using them it is like wearing a blind fold and trying to hit a bullseye. It is hard enough trying to hit a bullseye; this is basically the equivalent in pay per click terms. On top of all this the time and stress managing and learning PPC we can assure you that it will drive you crazy.

Our PPC management service

We will assess whether the campaigns will be profitable based on your profit margins, cost per click, etc. If we see that it will not be profitably we will refund you every cent as there is no reason to go ahead with the campaign if all it will be doing is costing you money. We create everything Including landing pages and we constantly optimise them for better cost per click.

How much do we charge?


  • Sign up fee: ($100)
  • Minimum Budget: $250 – $1000 | ($250 – $500) Management Fee
  • Medium Budgets: $5000 – $10000 | ($1000 – $1500) Management Fee
  • Large Budgets: $10000 – $50000 | ($1500 – $3000) Management Fee
  • Custom Budgets: Above $50000 | Custom Management Fee

Key reminders

Remember paid ads stop the instant you stop paying which is why we highly recommend to create a valuable opt in page to grow your email list. This way you have a way to follow up after your ad words campaigns.

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