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Social Media Marketing

“Only a few years ago if you used social media for your business you would have been getting a lot of attention. Fast forward today and if you don’t use social media for your business you get no attention.” If you are not utilizing social media for your business then you are missing out big time.


Before you just start posting on all your socials and expect great results we want to educate you to make sure that you actually end up getting the results you are after.

You only have to remember 2 things:

  • Content management (Diet)
  • Advertising management (Exercise)

To explain things briefly imagine diet and exercise. You can exercise a lot but if you are not eating correctly then most likely you won’t end up getting very good results. You can also have a great diet but if you are not exercising then again your results will be limited. Simple yet not easy. It is when you combine these two together where you will gain some serious traction. Our packages are designed to fulfill both these needs or individually depending on your budget and needs.

Content management (Diet)

Broken down content management is all the videos, photos, reviews and posts including blogs that you or others make for your social profiles. Create good quality content for your channels that feels natural to your ideal customer. Meaning don’t just put up a video saying buy this and buy that but rather help them better solve their problems and they will come back to you or your product with trust and money in hand.

Advertising management (Exercise)

Now that you have good content this is where advertising comes in. We have seen many clients spend thousands on creating content for their profiles but are unwilling to advertise leaving them in a position where no one ends up seeing that content. You can have the best videos and images in the world but if no one sees it then what’s the use. Remember that platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter are very crowded spaces so it’s important to stand out in order to make your ad spend actually give you a return on investment.

Don’t lose your hair

Creating and managing both content advertising on your social media can be insanely time consuming and overwhelming specially if you don’t know what to do. If you are gonna do it yourself make sure that you are doing it right otherwise you will be wasting your valuable time that could be better spent otherwise. Visit our blog (social media strategy)

Save yourself the stress and money

Here are some of the main reasons business owners approach us wanting help with managing their social media profiles;
  • Stress (too much to manage)
  • Getting low or no results from current efforts
  • Don’t have the time or resources to do it themselves
  • Don’t know what to do or how to do it
  • Can create content but they are overpaying for advertising

Everyone on our team specialise in different areas which means that they are always up to date with the latest changes and know what is working and more importantly what is not working

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