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Web Development

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Don’t get lost and find what web development service you actually require. We have broken down our services to help you better understand where most businesses get their websites wrong so that you can avoid making the same mistakes.

Whether you are a local business (brick/mortar business) looking to build a digital presence, want to sell a physical or digital product online or you have a project that is required to be built from the ground up. Get it done right from start to finish all in one place.

What will best suit your business.

It is important to figure out first what you need in your business to make it successful. What is the difference between a brick/mortar website, sales funnel, E-Commerce Store, Landing pages, and custom coding?


Brick/Mortar Websites (local business /physical services)

A brick/mortar website is what we call a showcase. The goal of this website is to have the relevant content that your customers are usually looking for such as the following;
  • Products/services – What products or services you provide at your business
  • Price – How much your product or services cost
  • Contact – A way for your customer to get in contact with you
  • Location – Where to find you or if you have a mobile business what areas you service
  • About – More information about your business
  • Our Work – Tesimonials from customers
  • Socials – Facebook page, Twitter, Youtube
  • Blog – Write about your products or fluently asked questions

Pro: One great thing with a website is that it is usually content rich. Why does this matter? Usually more content means you have a better chance of ranking on Google. Now this is not to be taken literally as there are many factors outside of this that are more important for ranking. But as a general rule if you have good quality content on your site it means that when google crawls your website there are plenty of keywords available. Also a website works great for the type of customer who already knows what they want. All they need is to simply find it and that is where your website layout and copywriting will dictate how easily someone will find what they are looking for.

Con: A website is great don’t get me wrong, but if you are not already a well established business or have a very simple business model much like a cafe or restaurant then a website can often be the very thing holding your head underneath the water. This is where digital marketing becomes the make or break bottle neck whether people come to your business or not. At the end of the day it is better to have something rather than nothing.

E-Commerce Stores (Selling multiple products online)

Get your product online

Think of this as your very own Amazon or Apple store where you sell more than just one product online. If you have a physical store as well this is where it is important to choose the right site to fit your goals.

Key functions:
  • Add to cart button
  • Multiple products
  • Shopping cart
  • Multi product discount
  • Checkout
  • Multiple payment gateways
  • Product fullfillment

E-Com websites rank differently to standard websites and require many different integrations so it is key to know what type of products/services you are wanting to sell and how you will be fulfilling those orders. We have seen businesses spend thousands on building expensive online stores that ended up costing them thousands extra to maintain and rebuild. Get expert e-commerce advice on which platforms will best fit your business.

Sales Funnel (Sell one or two higher ticket items online)

“A confused mind will always say no”

If you are selling a product or service and you are not utilising a sales funnel specifically built and optimised to maximise your sales then you are most likely missing out on 10%-30% of conversions depending on your sales process. A sales funnel is designed to suit your product or service and nurture your leads/customers to place you in a strong selling position because you have built trust. Look after your customers/leads and they will come to you asking for help (inbound marketing).

Sales copy consists of the following:
  • Hook (capture their attention)
  • Story (connect with your audience and show them you are a human with feelings)
  • Offer (make them an offer they simply cannot refuse)
  • Step by step (guide them through the funnel as if it were a journey)
  • Limited actions required (make your call to action clear)
  • Simple and easy (if it is too difficult you will lose a 5%-10% along the way)
  • Payment or lead capture (make sure to capture their email incase they do not finish the payment)

Do the hard work for them and they will buy like crazy

Landing Pages (Used to capture leads/generate sales)

Don’t send your traffic to your homepage. Direct your paid traffic to high converting landing pages designed and built to optimise your ad spend or traffic in order to get the best return on your investment and maximise your profits. Sometimes running special offers require you to move fast and get a landing page done quickly.

Custom Coding (The complex stuff)

Need it built from scratch?
World class coders working around the clock with experience in Java Script, Python, Java, C/CPP, PHP, RUBY and more. Rest assured that there is a team of experts on hand ready to take care of yourweb dev needs. Speak with a coding master or send through your special requirements through to